Workplace bullying and harassment (web HO) Tuesday, July 6, 2021
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A 90 minute online presentation with Haydn Olsen

This 90 minute online meeting will familiarise attendees on the dynamics of workplace bullying and harassment and what is involved in preventing these hazards in workplaces. Hadyn will take questions from attendees prior to and during the meeting. Specific areas of focus are;

  • What is and what isn't bullying and harassment
  • WORKSAFE definition elements and their application
  • Impact and effects on people and organisations
  • Bullying and the social system – a social/cultural perspective on prevention
  • Informal and formal interventions for addressing Bullying and Harassment
  • Zero Tolerance systems and why they don't work very well
  • Misogyny, power and why sexual harassment continues.

This event will be recorded for those who are registered and can't make the time.

Haydn Olsen 

Hadyn Olsen is a specialist in the field of workplace bullying and harassment prevention and the author of two books, "Workplace Bullying and Harassment: A Toolbox for Managers and Supervisors" (CCH Ltd) and "Oh No You Don't: A Tale of Managing Workplace Bullies (Zennith). He is the director of WAVE (Workplaces Against Violence in Employment) and has provided specialised consultancy, programmes, training, investigations, mediation and facilitation to government and non-government organisations since 2003. Hadyn is a member of International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment and HRINZ New Zealand.

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