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Change is a natural and expected part of running a successful business.Sometimes external factors can change in ways we didn’t anticipate,
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Cyber Audit
For a Peace of Mind

About CyberTech360 Services (774858 AB Ltd 1998)
  • Operating in Lacombe, Alberta
  • 25 Years Experience
  • 3 Employees
  • Specialize in Cyber Technology
  • RCMP Criminal Record Checked
  • DATTO Certified Partner
  • WEBROOT Authorized Partner
  • ID Agent Authorized Partner

The two most crucial IT tasks?
  • Ensure correct data is copied
  • Ensure integrity of backed up data
  • Ensure Antivirus/spam/malware software is up to date and functioning correctly
  • Early detection of comprised user credentials
Be Sure They Are Both Working
With the Cyber Audit, we check:
  • Backups are run successfully
  • Antivirus Software is protecting you properly
  • Credentials have not been comprised
We report anomalies
We offer optional remedial action
We can provide support, supply and installation services, or work alongside your existing support providers.

How Much for Peace of Mind?

Package Details Insight Integrated Forensic
Backup Checkup   
Check Schedule
 X X X
Check Inclusions
 - X X
Test Restore
 - X
Security Checkup   
Antivirus Running
 X X
Antivirus Updating
 X XX 
Hidden Viruses
 - XX 
Router Checkup   
Firewall Check
 X X X
Security Check
 - X X
Software Check
 - - X
Report X
Cost: $150 $275 $425

Prices Are Based On:
  • 1 Internet Connection
  • 1 Domain (
  • 10 Computers (Windows 7 or Newer)
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