Bodacious provides the BEST selection of fabulous plus-size fashions on the island. We welcome all women into our safe and celebratory space with a collection of accessories, gift items, cards and plus-size fashions from around the world. Lines include Joseph Ribkoff, Sympli, Grizas, Alembika, our in-house island made Bodacious line and so much more!

1965 Oak Bay Avenue
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We specialize in providing independent Business Valuations and Commercial Real Estate Appraisals to established business owners and their professional advisors. When business owners need to sell, leverage or re-organize their business assets we answer the million dollar question " What is it worth?" We provide our clients and their advisors peace of mind by providing independent professional valuations that stand up to scrutiny from lenders, the Courts and the CRA.

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1. Business Valuations
2. Commercial Real Estate Appraisals.
3. Equipment and Machinery Appraisals.

As a CFO for business growth, we offerfinancial advisory servicesthat can transform your business into athriving,more profitable, andhighly successful venture. Our expertise can help you navigate the complexities of financial management, ensuring you have the cash flow you need to grow and make informed decisions that drive your businessforward.ARE YOU IN THE BUSINESS OWNER'S TRAP?There arethreechallenges facing business owners:Challenge #1:It would help if youhadcashto grow your business, but you don't knowhowto get more money.Challenge #2:You're an expert in yourfield, not necessarily an ...

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Support Local BC is an initiative created to support BC’s local, independent businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Make a financial pledge to buy local and choose one of three rewards  including a VISA Debit Reward Card that is accepted at participating businesses. 

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