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Prime Contractors

Construction Management(52)
Design Build Contractors and Engineers(46)
Environmental- Remediation Contractors(7)
Excavating & Grading(25)
General Contracting(41)
General Contracting - Insurance Restorations(4)
General Contracting - Structural Restorations(8)
Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Construction(3)
LEED Builder(15)
Machine Base / Press Pits(6)
Metal Buildings(18)
Paving and Road Building(11)
Prime Contractors(26)
Property Management & Construction(8)
Renovations/Additions - ICI(36)
Renovations/Additions – Residential(13)
Residential - Custom Homes(10)
Residential - Low-Rise Condos(10)
Residential - Multi-dwelling/High-rise(12)
Septic Tanks & Systems(4)
Sewers & Watermains(23)
Steel Building Contractors(14)

Trade Contractors

Div.1: Asbestos Abatement(6)
Div.1: Demolition(13)
Div.1: Lead Abatement(2)
Div.1: Mould Abatement(5)
Div.1: Trucking(3)
Div.10: Acoustical(7)
Div.10: Laser Cutting(1)
Div.10: Signs(3)
Div.10: Toilet Partitions, Washroom Accessories(2)
Div.10: Wood Acoustical Panelling(1)
Div.12: Custom Cabinetry - Commercial & Residentia(5)
Div.12: Window Coverings(2)
Div.13: Building Automation(3)
Div.13: Closed Circuit Television(3)
Div.13: Communications and Data(5)
Div.13: Fire & Smoke Stopping(1)
Div.13: Fire Alarm Systems - Inspection/Maint(7)
Div.13: Fire Protection Equipment/Supply/Maint(9)
Div.13: Fire Security(6)
Div.13: Grilles- Sliding/Rolling(2)
Div.13: Rigging(8)
Div.13: Septic Tank Systems(1)
Div.13: Sprinkler Systems(8)
Div.14: Elevators & Lifts - Sales/Service/Install(3)
Div.14: Elevators - Dumb Waiters & Handicap Lifts(1)
Div.14: Elevators Repair & Maintenance(1)
Div.14: Handicap Lifts(1)
Div.15: A/C/Ventilation/Heating - Supply & Maint.(19)
Div.15: Air & Hydronic Balancing(1)
Div.15: Air Conditioning(5)
Div.15: Certified Backflow Tester(12)
Div.15: Gas Installation & Equipment(12)
Div.15: Gas Piping(14)
Div.15: Heating(9)
Div.15: HVAC(22)
Div.15: HVAC Systems Hygiene(4)
Div.15: Industrial Ventilation/Dust Collection Sys(7)
Div.15: Insulation(4)
Div.15: Insulation - Mechanical(2)
Div.15: Mechanical Contractors(27)
Div.15: Medical Gas System(7)
Div.15: Pipe Fitting(15)
Div.15: Piping(14)
Div.15: Plumbing(21)
Div.15: Process Piping(14)
Div.15: Refrigeration(8)
Div.15: Retro Commissioning of Mech. Enviro. Syste(1)
Div.15: Sheet Metal Contractors(16)
Div.15: Sheet Metal Fabrication(6)
Div.15: Ventilation(6)
Div.15: Water Balancing(1)
Div.16: Alarm Systems- Commercial, Industrial(9)
Div.16: Controls - Motor Panel(14)
Div.16: Electric Installation - Design(19)
Div.16: Electrical Contractors(38)
Div.16: Electrical Motors(7)
Div.16: Fiber Optic Cable Installation & Splicing(4)
Div.16: High Voltage Sub Station(9)
Div.16: Industrial Services(14)
Div.16: Lighting - Theatrical(4)
Div.16: Nurse Call System(4)
Div.16: Power Line Installation-Underground,Overhe(7)
Div.16: Renewable Energy Systems(8)
Div.16: Security Cameras & Systems(8)
Div.16: Sound Systems(4)
Div.16: Standby & Off Grid Electrical Systems(11)
Div.16: Telephone Systems-Equipment & Service(4)
Div.16: Voice & Data Cable-Consult/Install/Secure(6)
Div.2: Asphalt Paving(9)
Div.2: Backhoe Services(6)
Div.2: Caisson(5)
Div.2: Concrete Paving - Interlocking Pavers(7)
Div.2: Construction Caulking(1)
Div.2: Drainage(11)
Div.2: Dust Control(1)
Div.2: Earthwork(21)
Div.2: Excavating(25)
Div.2: Excavating - Electrical/Diesel(1)
Div.2: Fencing(7)
Div.2: Float Service(5)
Div.2: GPS Layout & Grading(3)
Div.2: Hardscaping(9)
Div.2: Hydro-Excavation Services(2)
Div.2: Hydroseeding(1)
Div.2: Interlock Paving Stone Installation(7)
Div.2: Landscaping(9)
Div.2: Piling/Sheet Piling(3)
Div.2: Retaining Walls(12)
Div.2: Shoring(6)
Div.2: Site Clean-Up(4)
Div.2: Site Services(25)
Div.2: Small Site Grading & Excavating(3)
Div.2: Snow Plowing(11)
Div.2: Sod(1)
Div.2: Softscaping(1)
Div.2: Tank Linings/Relinings(3)
Div.2: Topsoil Grading(1)
Div.2: Utility Locating(1)
Div.2: Waterline Installation(2)
Div.3: Acid Staining & Decorative Concrete(3)
Div.3: Cementitious Toppings(4)
Div.3: Coating - Acid Resistant(7)
Div.3: Concrete - Breaking(7)
Div.3: Concrete - Breaking/Crushing/Pulverizing(4)
Div.3: Concrete - Cutting, Coring, Removal(5)
Div.3: Concrete - Finishing(6)
Div.3: Concrete - Specialty(2)
Div.3: Concrete Flatwork(6)
Div.3: Concrete Floor Finishing(6)
Div.3: Concrete Floor Restoration & Repair(9)
Div.3: Concrete Forming(13)
Div.3: Concrete Forms - Insulated(3)
Div.3: Concrete Milling/Grinding(3)
Div.3: Concrete Polishing(6)
Div.3: Concrete Pumping(2)
Div.3: Concrete Shotblasting, Scarifying, Grinding(7)
Div.3: Concrete Work(5)
Div.3: Concrete X-ray and Scanning(2)
Div.3: Curbs & Sidewalks(13)
Div.3: Epoxy Coatings(9)
Div.3: Epoxy Flooring Systems(7)
Div.3: Epoxy Injection/Slab Stabilization(4)
Div.3: Foundation Repair/Waterproofing(6)
Div.3: Foundations & Reinforcement Steel Placement(3)
Div.3: Recycled Concrete Products(1)
Div.3: Seamless Floors(5)
Div.4: Granite & Cut Stone(2)
Div.4: Masonry(9)
Div.4: Masonry Repair & Restoration(6)
Div.5: Aluminum Railings(1)
Div.5: Floor Decking(1)
Div.5: Ironworks, Ornamental & Miscellaneous(6)
Div.5: Metal Decking/Steel Decking(3)
Div.5: Metal Fabrication & Installation(11)
Div.5: Millwrighting(8)
Div.5: Miscellaneous Metal(13)
Div.5: Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings(5)
Div.5: Reinforcing Steel- Supply & Installation(5)
Div.5: Stairs - Steel(8)
Div.5: Steel Custom Fabrication(11)
Div.5: Steel Deck & Floor Deck(4)
Div.5: Steel Fabrication of Stairs, Platforms(4)
Div.5: Steel Fabrications(6)
Div.5: Steel Railings(2)
Div.5: Steel Work(3)
Div.5: Structural Steel, Erectors & Fabricators(10)
Div.5: Welding(11)
Div.6: Custom Cabinetry(7)
Div.6: Finish Carpentry(5)
Div.6: Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic(2)
Div.6: Glazier - Metal Mechanic(2)
Div.6: Millwork - Fabrication & Installation(10)
Div.6: Mirror - Aluminum Frames(2)
Div.6: Rough Carpentry(4)
Div.7: Architectural Cladding(4)
Div.7: Caulking & Sealants(4)
Div.7: Concrete Fibre Panels(1)
Div.7: Fire Proofing(1)
Div.7: Fire Stopping(3)
Div.7: Indoor Air Quality Testing(2)
Div.7: Insulated Metal Panels(2)
Div.7: Insulated Panel Installations(1)
Div.7: Insulation - Architectural(2)
Div.7: Insulation - Batt & Poly(4)
Div.7: Insulation - Blown(1)
Div.7: Insulation - Material/Service/Install/Remov(2)
Div.7: Insulation - Spray in Place/Urethane(3)
Div.7: Living Roofs & Walls(4)
Div.7: Metal Cladding(10)
Div.7: Metal Roofing(9)
Div.7: Metal Siding Erectors(9)
Div.7: Phenolic Wood Composite Panels(1)
Div.7: Roofing & Sheet Metal(16)
Div.7: Roofing - Shingles(4)
Div.7: Siding - Aluminum/Vinyl/Steel(6)
Div.7: Stucco(2)
Div.7: Waterproofing(11)
Div.8: Access Control(3)
Div.8: Curtain Wall(6)
Div.8: Dock Levelers, Seals & Bumper(1)
Div.8: Doors & Frames(3)
Div.8: Doors & Frames - Aluminum / Metal(6)
Div.8: Doors & Frames - Architectural Hardware(2)
Div.8: Doors & Windows(2)
Div.8: Doors & Windows - Commercial(5)
Div.8: Doors - Automatic(3)
Div.8: Doors - High Speed(2)
Div.8: Doors - Industrial/Rubber(3)
Div.8: Doors - Kalamein/Fire/Sliding/Automatic(2)
Div.8: Doors - Operator/Service/Repair(5)
Div.8: Doors - Overhead/ Folding/Rolling/Hallow Me(2)
Div.8: Glass & Glazing(8)
Div.8: Solar Controls Films(3)
Div.8: Windows- Aluminum/Steel/Wood/Fiberglas(1)
Div.9: 54" Industrial / Commercial Vinyl Wall(1)
Div.9: Architectural Millwork(5)
Div.9: Carpet(8)
Div.9: Chalkboard Paint(1)
Div.9: Commercial Painting(3)
Div.9: Drywall & Acoustics(16)
Div.9: Electrostatic(1)
Div.9: Floor Covering(3)
Div.9: Flooring(4)
Div.9: Flooring - Hardwood/Laminate/Resilient(8)
Div.9: Flooring - Tile/Ceramic/Marble/Terrazz(9)
Div.9: Flooring Underlayment(3)
Div.9: Graffiti Removal(1)
Div.9: High Pressure Water Blasting(2)
Div.9: Industrial Painting(1)
Div.9: Magnetic Whiteboard / Dry Erase(1)
Div.9: Membrane Coatings(2)
Div.9: Paint Coating Contractors/Industrial Painti(3)
Div.9: Painting & Decorating(3)
Div.9: Partitions - Demountable(3)
Div.9: Plastering(1)
Div.9: Plastering- California Stucco(1)
Div.9: Plastering- Texture Spray(1)
Div.9: Plural Components Spray(1)
Div.9: Polymer Flooring(3)
Div.9: Rubber Flooring(3)
Div.9: Sandblasting(2)
Div.9: Specialty Coatings(4)
Div.9: Spray Coatings(3)
Div.9: Vinyl Application(1)
Div.9: Whiteboard Paint / Dry Erase(1)
Div.9: Wood Trim and Moulding(2)
Div.16: Electrical Utility Thermographic Surve(1)

Manufacturer and Suppliers

Access Doors - Duct Architectural(3)
Acoustical Systems & Treatment(3)
Aerial Lifts- Material Handling Rental Equipment(2)
Aggregates - Sand & Gravel(11)
Air Conditioning & HVAC Equipment(4)
Air Distribution & Ventilation(3)
Air Filtration(1)
Aluminum Railings(3)
Architectural Specialties(4)
Architectural Woodwork(6)
Arena Dasherboard Manufacturer(1)
Asphalt Products(5)
Boilers - Parts & Service(2)
Brick Sand/Masonry(2)
Builder Supply & Lumber Dealer(6)
Building Automation -HVAC Controls, Fire, Security(2)
Cabinets - Custom(5)
Cabinets - Kitchen(3)
Coatings & Linings(1)
Concrete Aggregates(5)
Concrete Block(1)
Concrete Floor Finishing Products(5)
Concrete Form - Insulated(3)
Concrete Paving - Interlocking Pavers(2)
Concrete Precast - Paving Slabs(1)
Concrete Precast - Structural Products(5)
Concrete Ready-Mix(9)
Construction Equipment - Rental - Cranes(1)
Construction Equipment - Rentals/Sales/Service(8)
Controls: Heating Cooling & Air Conditioning(1)
Cooling Towers and Chillers(2)
Custom Fabrication(7)
Decorative Architecture Products - Windows & Doors(2)
Dist. of Ind. & Contractor Tools Equip Supplies(4)
Dock Levelers & Equipment(2)
Dock Levelers - Elevating Docks - Seals Shelters(2)
Domestic Hot Water Storage Tank(1)
Doors & Windows - Aluminum(1)
Doors & Windows - Commercial(2)
Doors - Wood(5)
Doors - Wood/Plastic/Laminate/Kalamein/Fire(7)
Doors -Hollow Metal/Rolling Metal/Overhead/Folding(7)
Drapery - Theatrical(1)
Electrical Distributors & Automation(2)
Erosion Control Products(3)
Expansion Joint Products(3)
Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems(1)
Fans - Axial & Centrifugal(3)
Fasteners - Construction & Industrial(6)
Fence & Deck Installation(5)
Fire & Smoke Dampers(1)
Fire Alarm Equipment(2)
Firestop Products(6)
Flooring - Epoxy(2)
Flooring - Marble/Tile(1)
Flooring - Theatrical(1)
Foot Grilles/Registers(2)
Furniture - Office(4)
Gas Detection and Air Monitoring Equipment(1)
Glass & Glazing(1)
Glass Coatings & Tintings(1)
Glass Products(3)
Grilles - Rolling & Sliding(3)
Grouting Compounds(4)
Handicap Lifts(1)
Hardware - Architect & Contract(5)
Heating Equipment(3)
Insulating Materials - Industrial & Commercial(7)
Landscape Supply(5)
Letter Boxes - Depositories(1)
Lighting - Architectural/Emergency/ Theatrical(1)
Lockers - Metal/Wood(3)
Lumber & Building Supply(4)
Masonry Supplies(2)
Mechanical Equipment(3)
Mechanical Prefabrication Penthouses(1)
Metal Fabrication(8)
Millwork - Institutional Architectural & Resident(5)
Noise & Vibration Control(2)
Nurse Call System(1)
Paint Related Supplies(3)
Partitions - Demountable(1)
Plumbing & Heating Supplies(2)
Precast Hollowcore Slab & Structural Components(2)
Projection Screens(1)
Pumps & Heat Exchangers(3)
Retaining Walls - Interlocking(3)
Retaining Walls - Systems(3)
Rigging- Theatrical(2)
Road Materials(3)
Rock Salt/Ice Melters/Liquid Melters/Sand Bins(1)
Roof Trusses(2)
Roofing Materials(2)
Sand & Gravel(6)
Silencer Manufacturer(1)
Steel - Custom Fabrication(5)
Steel - Reinforcing/Structural/Installation(6)
Steel - Roof Deck/Floor Deck/Joists(2)
Store Fixtures(5)
Structural Precast Products(1)
Styrofoam & E.P.S(3)
Temperature & Pressure Instruments(2)
Toilet Partitions(1)
Trench Drain Systems(2)
Trim - Interior(2)
Ventilating Equipment & Accessories(2)
Washroom Accessories(1)
Welded Wire Mesh & Accessories(2)
Window Treatment/Coverings(1)
Windows - Aluminum/Steel/Wood/Vinyl(5)
Wood - Pre-engineered Roof & Floor Trusses(3)
Wood - Truss, Walls & Flooring Systems(2)
Wood Stairs & Railings(4)

Allied Services

Business Advisory Services(4)
Construction Consulting(10)
Consulting Engineers(10)
Consulting Geotechnical Inspection Testing & Envi(3)
Design Services(11)
Employment Policies & Programs(3)
Employment Policies and Procedures(4)
Engineering Services(9)
Environmental Consulting(3)
Health & Safety Consulting(6)
Inspection - Theatrical Systems(1)
Insurance & Bonds(12)
Legal Services(9)
Lighting - Theatrical Dimming Services(1)
Mergers Acquisitions and Divestitures(1)
Pavement & Parking Lot Evaluation(2)
Printing, Signs & Promotional Products(2)
Real Estate(1)
Safety Consultants(1)
Staff and Organization Development(1)
Tax Advisory Services(2)
Theatrical Lighting/Rigging/Drapery/Design(1)
HR Consulting(2)


Asbestos Consultants(2)
Construction Procurement/Facilities Management(1)
Consultants / Architects(9)
Consulting Engineers(7)
Environmental Consulting(2)
Facilities Manager(2)
Geotechnical Engineering(3)
Mould Consultants(2)