Director/ Producer, Self Employed

I am a Director and Producer spittling my time between Christchurch, NZ and Waitsfield, VT. I started my film career in the outdoor indtsury, working as both an athlete and content creator. I most recently worked as the Production Manager for the beloved NZ outdoor brand Macpac. I worked on a large range of content production while in this role- spanning from international TVC ideatio nand execution to product information videos to short documentary films.

14788 Carriage Mill Rd

Producer/Editor/Colorist, BergerVideo

Greg Berger is an independent producer, video editor and colorist. He is the owner of BergerVideo and Top Secret Productions, which takes projects from inception to completion, delivering creative and compelling videos. Greg works with clients to design customized solutions and has significant experience in all areas of the video production chain and content creation.In addition, he has recorded and produced original music, played in a variety of bands as a drummer, and is a voting member of the Recording Academy, Washington, D.C. Chapter.

122 C Street NW

I am a screenwriter who focuses primarily on drama/dramedy.

I am a non-fiction filmmaker with a background in ethnographic research and non-profit media. I love to create work that uplifts diverse life experiences and has tangible positive impact for the communities and individuals collaborating on projects. I am currently an editor at SideXSide Studios where I work on commercial and original short form and long form content.

2307 London Bridge Dr

I make films that elucidate the experience of women and queer people navigating a fundamentally misogynist, heteronormative world. Through the genres of horror and dark comedy, specifically, I tell stories that are uncomfortable, funny, and topical. I hope my work will be part of a less violent future.

212 Church Lane

Long and Short Editing Motion Graphics, Self Employed

here is a place to bring ideas that move your message forward. the burden of executing material designed to communicate clearly and cleanly is sometimes simple, sometimes not. often the solution comes in the from of another eye or ear. someone with the tools of production, postproduction, project management, motion graphics, sound design, graphics, color grading among others. the means to bring them all to life.

13002 Elm Tree Dr