Hillside Community Church

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2577 C Street
, CA
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About Me

About Us 
Julian, CA

Our Mission

To connect people to God and each other, changing lives.

Our Vision

To faithfully proclaim the gospel to the world at large and to nurture believers into fully devoted followers of Christ.

Our Core Values

HCC is a local, independent, Bible believing church. Our Core Values are reflected in the acronym: CHURCH we:

Celebrate God in truthful, spiritual worship. Therefore, we respond to God's presence with us in all of life's circumstances.

Honor the 'Great Commandment' and commit ourselves to God's heartbeat, evangelism. Therefore, we aggressively proclaim the gospel message locally and internationally.

Urge one another to spiritual maturity. Therefore, we strive to grow in Christlike love and care for each other, serving in our area of spiritual giftedness.

Rely on God's Word, the Bible, that is relevant and sufficient for every generation. Therefore, we follow the Scriptures as our only rule for faith and practice.

Commune with God in prayer. As we align ourselves with God's will through prayer, we realize His power for ministry. Therefore, we pray regularly for the effective ministry of the Body of Christ.

Help connect people to God's family through fellowship. Therefore, we participate in 'life sharing' groups in which spiritual growth is nurtured, loving care is practiced, and godly relationships are developed.

God's Purposes

We seek to fulfill God's purposes for the church by participating in 5 Key Activities:


We honor God by exalting His character and by dedicating every activity in life as an offering to Him.


We honor God by connecting with His people and sharing life together.


We honor God by growing toward spiritual maturity and Christlikeness.


We honor God by using our spiritual gifts, our natural abilities, and life experiences to serve others.


We honor God by sharing the good news of forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

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