DECON Lighting Co.

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4921 Garrison St. # 201
Wheat Ridge
, Colorado

About Us

Decon Lighting Co. is a technology firm that designs and deploys hospital-grade ultraviolet disinfection systems for indoor spaces, including rink locker rooms, restrooms and other critical spaces where people congregate.  

Implementation of broad spectrum ultraviolet light disinfection is the most effective way to neutralize the virus that causes Covid-19, not only on surfaces, but in the ambient indoor air, where the virus is known to linger for hours in aerosol form.  

The UV light fixtures can be permanently installed on ceilings, or we can set up your facility with fully mobile UV disinfection which consists of UV light fixtures on an easy-to-move tripod or wheeled cart (also provided), providing you with disinfection on-demand in any part of your facility. 

The latest product we offer is a fully-autonomous, rechargeable UV disinfection robot, which is capable of learning disinfection routines, with little supervision or control.

UV light disinfection is also a sustainable, safe, cost-effective, and a permanent solution to pathogen control inside your facility.

Please reach out to us for more information and more specific details on what a potential deployment would look like for your facility.

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