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1774 No Name Lane
Glenwood Springs
, Colorado

About Us

Puckblade--The Best Ice Skating Aid

As an adult learning to play hockey, I still found public skate very intimidating.  Going out on the ice without a stick, meant I was going to fall and falls hurt.  

The solution is the puckblade.  Working on the simple principle of a three legs being more stable than two, the puckblade turns a regular hockey stick into a safe ice skating aid--the third leg.

The large puck slides over the blade of any hockey stick providing complete coverage of the blade.  The added weight of the puckblade, ensures the blade section stays on the ice.  Providing ice skaters with a crutch; there to lean on to prevent a fall, but not hampering the skating experience.  The simple design fosters a proper ice skating form while establishing good habits.