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About Us

The Highest Standard is not about being the largest or the most visible. It's not a vague promise or merely a tagline.

Insero & Company has grown into one of the largest CPA firms in Western, Upstate and the Southern Tier of New York through uncompromising commitment to serving clients through hard work, tenacity, passion and focus. The result is that our clients reach unparalleled heights of success—measured in more than just dollars.

Uncompromising commitment to deliver unparalleled heights. This is the highest standard.

Success is not born of a single event. Your relationship with your accounting firm shouldn't be either. On our site you'll see how the highest standard can benefit you. Whether through audit, tax, outsourced accounting, risk management or business advisory services you can count on us to listen to your situation deliver solutions to your challenges and bring you the ideas to take you and your business to the next level of success.

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