BioPed Footcare Grimsby

155 Main St. E., Grimsby, ON

About Us

Our Certified Canadian Pedorthists specialize in assessing and providing non-surgical treatment for conditions related to the function of the feet and lower limbs.  We have an on-site lab where we provide
custom made orthotics, compression stockings, lower limb bracing - both custom and non-custom, orthopaedic shoes and modified shoes. 

BioPed was founded in 1981 as a single footcare Clinic in Guelph, Ontario. Specializing in non-surgical treatment of foot problems and disorders, the small start-up was soon accepting referrals from orthopaedic surgeons from the surrounding area. The positive response from clients and Physicians led to expansion of the BioPed brand.

Today, throughout more than 75 full-service and satellite Clinics inBritish Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario, our Canadian Certified Pedorthists are committed to compassionate, personalized solutions for our clients so that they feel cared for and empowered by a trusted healthcare partner.

Specializing in assessing and providing non-surgical treatment for conditions related to the functions of the feet and lower limbs, we work to alleviate discomfort and help people move through life with greater
stability and peace of mind.

All BioPed Centres have on-site labs where we manufacture a full range of orthoses (orthotics) and provide clients with the convenience of adjustments and specialized fitting services. We also carry knee and lower limb braces – both custom and non-custom, compression stockings in various sizes, colours and compression grades as well as an outstanding collection of fashionable, orthotic-friendly footwear which can be customized if necessary for almost any foot irregularity.

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