Tinder Box

3615 South Houston Levee, Suite 106
Collierville, TN



About Us

It takes no time at all to see what Tinder Box of Tennessee is all about. Just walking in the door of any of our locations makes it clear that we are passionate about one main product: tobacco! Our associates have been intensely trained to assist you in picking out exactly what you are looking for. We carry a wide variety of pipe tobaccos, both in bulk and in more premium tins. Stroll into any of our walk-in humidors to find an unrivaled, constantly updated selection of the finest cigars in the world (except Cuban cigars still aren't allowed yet)! Allow our experts to walk you through the traditional art of hookah smoking if you have never tried it. We carry a hookah tobacco for every tastebud and will be happy to show you how it works! You will also find selections of premium cigarettes and smokeless tobacco including Swedish snus, snuff, and more! Gifts Looking for something special for a loved one? Maybe a candle for Mom, a classic straight razor for Dad, or a classy walking stick for Grandpa? At Tinder Box Wolfchase, we carry an extensive variety of gifts and collectibles. Everything from flasks and knives to fairies and candles can be found here! Events Join us at one of our many cigar events that we host year round. Each event is centered around one or more popular cigar brands. We host a representative of that brand who will be on hand to answer questions about their product. You'll get the chance to win door prizes and receive discounts on all brand-specific purchases on event days.

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