Valenzuela, Nico

About Me

I am a current Industrial Design Student at Humber College and a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University's honors health sciences program. My career goal and focus is on Footwear Design for a large athletic footwear & apparel company. I completed the FIT Sneaker School certificate program and have been selected and will be attending the PENSOLE X Allbirds masterclass June 2021. I have worked as a Summer Student for the Sunnybrook Research Institute, and continue to work as a wedding singer and musical performer, graphic designer, footwear sales associate, as well as an Instructional Assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University Departments of Biology and Physics. 
I am a classically trained musician (trained in voice, violin, piano and musical theory and a self-taught guitarist, bassist, drummer, and yes, harmonica player) - and literary artist. I also work in the position of music director at Saint James Parish. I enjoy interpersonal communication, public speaking/ debate and performance.