Dicke, Bill

About Me

I have been an engineer at heart - since a very young age.  Working with my father (also an engineer) i was taught at a young age about how to build all kinds of different things.  Most importantly, my father taught me never to be afraid of learning by doing.  I became extra interested in aerospace as a teenager, when involved in the Canadian cadet program, where I learned to fly, and eventually became a gliding instructor.

Engineering as education seemed like the logical path, with my predispotions for all things mechanical, and aeronautical - I couldn't get enough of it. Applying what he taught me after University, the role of designer was in my blood.  

I started out in the Optical Telecom world, designing jigs and fixtures for super precise optical components, and eventually optical products, and assembly processes.  Working with teams and JDS Unipghase, we developed some really novel optical switching and blocking products, using cutting edge technologies fort alignment and assembly.

Moving from Optical to Medical, I had the opportinity to learn from the best in blood testing at Abbott Point of Care.  Learning about real process engineering, automation, experiment design, and blood, I had the chance to again work with a brilliant team to patent new processes, and products in the DNA amplification (PCR) space.

Then came consulting.  Working on everything from high power lasers, to Explosive Ordinance Disposal suits, and chewy distraction toys for special needs children - I got to experience how a lot of teams work, succeed, and unfortunately sometimes fail.

When Tungsten was founded, it was with the goal of building a team that could take on full cycle product development of highly complex technical products.  That goal is the same today, where we have customers in all product sectors - Military, Telecom, Medical, Consumer, SATCOM.  

On a personal level, I love the startup life.  I love the challenges that come with the business itself, not just the product design part of it.  I love connecting with our customers, and seeing them get excited about their product.  I love the brainstorming session where no one can remember whose ideas were whose.  I love being with the customer, and seeing them as proud of what we have helped them develop, when they see their vision come alive.