Makhinko, Alexey

About Me

Alexey is an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary designer and art director with over two decades of experience collaborating with businesses within the retail, broadcasting, publishing, arts, food and service industries.

Raised in Ukraine andinspired by his father, who was one of the first designers of Soviet electronic wristwatches, Alexey completed his studies in Industrial Design in Kyiv, which has provided him with the strategic problem-solving capabilities of combining art, business and engineering to help drive his innovative designs.

After starting asuccessful career in the creative field in St. Petersburg, Alexey moved to Canada in 2003 and has since worked for large retail chains such as Toys"R" Us, Carlton Cards, and Staples; become a certified member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario and has completed a Marketing Certificate Program from the University of Toronto to broaden his knowledge of strategic marketing, brand development and customer loyalty.

With his industry knowledge, breadth of expertise and a network of suppliers, Alexey co-founded Altan Design—a boutique creative agency.

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