Ginsburg, Inbal


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About Me

Let me tell you a little about myself. I have worked for over 5 years in the CPG Display and Packaging Industry. I have worked in factories designing POP displays, packaging solutions, and signs. I had the wonderful opportunity to work for and with some of the biggest companies in retail such as Coca-Cola, Lalin, Landa, Wells, Johnny Walker, L'oreal Paris, Ferero and more.

I have a diverse design experience. Having worked in various markets and fields I have gained knowledge and understanding of manufacturing abilities in a wide range of materials, guided by my desire to improve on the customer’s need and experience with our products. As a designer I worked closely with engineers and graphic designers, balancing and absorbing the different perspectives and experiences within our teams. 
I am a military veteran. I have served in the military for 14 (12 years as reserved). The years in service taught me excellent management and time managing skills as well as working with people or independently. Coming from a family of military officers, I was raised to always do above and beyond. To go past my job description and investigate what my role needs from me and to always see how I can improve myself and the way I work. 

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