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My name is Natasha. I am a puppet-maker and Morezmore Store keeper. This blog is about making stop motion puppets and OOAK art dolls. I love making them and share my notes – my successes as well as my failures – here, on this blog. Although some people refer to them as Morezmore tutorials, I myself see them as Work-in-Progress Notes, One of a Kind adventures with unpredictable results.

Almost all materials and tools that I use are available for purchase at Morezmore Store.

Morezmore is a family business, run by 3 women – mother Natasha (me), daughter Natasha and grandmother Nina. We sell stuff for making OOAK dolls, stop motion puppet and props fabrication, tools and materials. Check us out.

The information on this blog is free for your personal use. You can read it, copy it, print it, forward it to friends, link to it, share it – as long as you provide the link to this page: Please contact me regarding commercial use.

Thank you, enjoy your stay at Morezmore.

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