Montante, Dominic


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I won’t bore you by saying “design is my passion” or “I love to make things”.

Those things are true, I’ll admit, but I’m far more interested in the emotion of design: what compels a person to be drawn to an item and pick it up. My favorite moment as a designer is seeing someone smile when they use a product they enjoy and that makes their life just a little easier.

Design for me is less about sexy renderings and eye candy, as it is more about shipping products and getting them into people’s hands. I ensure product ideas are economically feasible and manufacturable from the onset to ensure viability from sketch to production. A concept is a piece of art, a product is something you can make and use. That’s why in four years as a designer, I’ve put over 12 products in the market with more on the way.

No matter your project, big or small, I’m here to help make something people will enjoy.

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