Germantown Baptist Church

9450 Poplar Avenue
Germantown, TN



About Us

Germantown Baptist Church celebrates a rich history with a tremendous heritage of faith. The church was founded circa 1835, and it was officially recognized in 1838 as New Hope Baptist Church. The name was changed to Baptist Church at Germantown in 1841, the same year that the town received its charter and official name. Two decades later the church was burned during the Civil War, with only the pulpit Bible surviving the blaze. Faithful and resilient members presided over the rebuilding of the church on its original site (located at 2216 S. Germantown Road.) The white chapel served as the worship sanctuary until 1971. As the town of Germantown experienced growth in the 1960?s and 1970?s, so did Germantown Baptist. Membership increased, ministries expanded and a new sanctuary was built to accommodate the growing church. Her influence and footprint in the local community were easily recognizable. Unprecedented growth in the 1980?s necessitated a search for a larger property to house the expanding congregation and exploding ministries. Men of faith purchased the current property in 1987, and they held the property until the church could assume the mortgage. The new location and worship center were occupied and dedicated in 1995. Through the years, the congregation has responded to the needs of her members and the community at large. A recreation building was added to provide a home for indoor recreation and Student Ministry. The Faith building was added to provide a space for fellowship, dining, equipping and worship. (It has even been used as temporary shelter in times of disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.) The most recent chapter of history at GBC began in 2010. The church called Pastor Charles Fowler to lead and guide her into the future. Pastor Charles accepted the call to Germantown under the direction of the Holy Spirit and the confirmation of scripture. ?The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, says the Lord Almighty. And in this place I will grant peace, says the Lord Almighty.? (Haggai 2:9) While Germantown Baptist has a robust lineage of faith and faithfulness, the vision for the future is greater still. Today, under the leadership of our Lord and our Pastor, GBC is deeply committed to being a disciple making church. The gospel has shaped the history and ministry of Germantown Baptist and will continue to find faithful expression through future ministries. We will fulfill our vision of being a Biblical community of disciples of Jesus Christ who desire to be vessels through whom God works to advance His kingdom?all for the glory of God.

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