Lowe, Andrew

About Me

When I was young I liked to walk around in the buff with a tool belt as a loin cloth; blow molded hammer in hand. This progressed into sandbox construction yards. I then graduated to LEGO bricks. The urge to design has never left.

For more than 10 years, I have been transforming abstract ideas into tangible constructs. I skillfully push concepts through to production using design research, 3D CAD tools, iterative prototyping, and knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques.

Specializing in design for manufacture and assembly, and complemented by an unmatched SOLIDWORKS skillset, I’m able to deliver unique solutions to vexing product design challenges. My fascination with the hidden details that go into superbly designed products never blinds me from the true goals of next level product development: to merge cutting-edge technologies with a no-BS approach to understanding the user. Great design isn’t an accident; people don’t want coffee makers, they want effortlessly great coffee.