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I was born in Tehran in January 1985.  As a child I was exposed to artistic endeavors early on. I used to play musical instruments and attended pottery and painting classes. However my family background influenced me as well. My father is an architect and through him I have been exposed to cultural and artistic atmospheres.

In high school, despite my success in the field of mathematics, my interest in the arts led me to alter my field of study. After finishing high school, I gained a rank of 226 out of more than half a million students. Then I started my education at Azad university of Tehran in 2003. During my studies I was involved in a series of practical projects, which highly impressed me and made me fond of searching for new processes in design.

After completing my second year at the university I started working as a trainee in an office furniture manufacturer. My primary responsibility was to take off the measurements of the spaces and execute the information into the computer software, AutoCAD. This information was used for the actual furniture arrangements. I’d also worked as a designer at Brass workshop where I have had the opportunity to extend my knowledge in the design management area, but I wish to learn further in this field.

Receiving my Bachelor’s degree, being among the top 3 graduates, I got accepted in MA Industrial Design but I was interested in pursuing my academic life in another major, something which can make me capable of managing the design process rather than focusing specifically on one aspect of Industrial production. This mindset led me to choose “Design Management” as my major.

Making this decision I was already half way through my first masters so I took a year off and went to England where I started my second masters in “International Design & Communication Management” at the University of Warwick. This has been the best decision of my life so far. Being among a multicultural group, broadened my horizons and gave me a new perspective of life. After completion of the course, I returned to Iran and finished my first Masters. Meanwhile, I was working as a designer at Brass workshop as well.

After giving my thesis defense, some members of the faculty suggested me to start working as a TA. Being fascinated by this proposal, I started a part-time position immediately while continuing my career as a project manager in the branding department of Mana Payam agency.

This challenging yet enjoyable career led me to terminate my job as a project manager so that I can dedicate most of my time to teaching. I also had to fulfil my creative instinct so I started bringing my ideas to life through sculptures. Besides, I started my own accessory brand named “Mim Té by Mina Tafazoli” in 2014.

In 2018 I started a PhD in Art research at the University of Tehran and I am currently working on my thesis.

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