Van Hulle, Johan

About Me

I’m an industrial designer with a focus on mechanical design and styling.

After graduating from the University of Antwerp in Product Design in 2015, I started my career at Comate Engineering & Design in Leuven Belgium. I had some prior experience by working as an intern for Achilles Design in Mechelen, but it was at Comate where I really got to grips with the fast-paced world of product design as a consultant. This world included some really interesting industries, such as medical, aerospace and consumer products. After that I got some experience working in Toronto Canada, where I helped develop products for a medical device accelerator company and a few tech-startups.

Although I would call myself an all-round designer, my focus is on mechanical design, visual styling and user experience of physical products (nothing digital!).

I find the startup world fascinating, especially the challenges that hardware startups face, and the flexibility and grit it takes to finish the road to market successfully. Compared to software, the relatively high start-up costs of a hardware business, makes the challenge to market a new product that much interesting, because of the lean and fast approach it takes. Ideation & prototyping in this kind of environment give me a lot of energy.

Apart from work, I’m a big fan of all types of games, and I play a little bit of football (soccer) whenever I get the chance. I love a good entrepreneurial/ origin story and try to stay up to date with most technology related trends. It’s hard to list a specific hobby because I have a very broad interest, and I always find new things that fascinate me.