Phakhr Dowlatti, Seyed Mohammadhossain


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About Me

Hossain is an industrial designer based in Toronto, Canada. His design journey began at an early age when he constructed his own toys. Since then, he has been fascinated by inventing new products and solutions and creating unique concepts that not only facilitate peoples’ lives but also give them meaningful experiences. So far, he has mostly worked on self-initiated projects as well as cooperative projects with different start-ups and companies. Through these projects and his work as a freelance designer, he has developed a comprehensive skill set, including visual and service design as well as the forming of innovative teams. Hossain's work is inspired by the subtle nuances in shapes, colors, and sounds which he finds in the sublimity of nature. His design focuses on a user-centric approach that entails user empathy and behavior to help deliver meaningful products. He always seeks to keep the balance between creativity and functionality, elegance and efficiency in his work.

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