Dowlatti, Hudson

About Me

Hudson, an industrial designer residing in Toronto, Canada, embarked on his design journey from an early age by crafting his own toys. Since then, his passion for inventing new products and solutions, coupled with his desire to create unique concepts, has been a driving force in his life. His aim is not only to enhance people's lives but also to provide them with meaningful experiences through his designs. Much of his work thus far has comprised self-initiated projects and collaborations with various startups and companies. Through these endeavors and his experience as a freelance designer, he has honed a diverse skill set encompassing visual and service design, as well as team innovation. Hudson's creative process draws inspiration from the subtle intricacies of shapes, colors, and sounds found in the beauty of nature. He adopts a user-centric approach that prioritizes empathy and understanding of user behavior to craft products with genuine significance. In his work, he strives to strike a balance between creativity and functionality, elegance and efficiency.