BioPed Footcare

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Special Offer

All chamber members are eligible for 25% off in-stock non prescription products (footwear, non medical compression socks, foot creams, knee/ankle bracing, off the shelf orthotic inserts). We also offer complimentary biomechanical consultations. 

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125 Pedersen Drive
Unit C6
, Ontario
L4G 0E3

About Us

Specializing in assessing and providing non-surgical treatment for conditions related to the functions of the feet and lower limbs, we work to alleviate discomfort and help people move through life with greater stability and peace of mind. We have an onsite lab where we manufacture a full range of orthotics and provide clients with the convenience of adjustments and specialized fitting services. We also carry knee and lower limb braces – both custom and non-custom, compression stockings in various sizes, colours and compression grades as well as orthotic-friendly footwear which can be customized if necessary for almost any foot irregularity.

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