Sarah's Place

701 Rossland Rd. E
Whitby, ON
L1N 9K3



About Us

Sarah'sPlace is a visionary community-driven initiative that aims to provide essentialsupport, learning, and growth opportunities for adults with special needs,along with valuable resources for families across the Durham Region.

Ourprograms cater to a diverse audience, ranging from adults seeking continuouslearning and development to providing resources to families with children ofall ages who have special needs. By understanding and serving the distinctneeds within our community, we aim to create a more inclusive and supportiveenvironment for all.

This program operates year-round and is availableto individuals who have graduated from high school or are no longer in theschool system. Sarah’s Place programs are meticulously crafted to fosterself-confidence, creativity, friendships, life skills, and a strong sense ofcommunity. At Sarah’s Place, we understand that everyone is has their own exceptionalities, and we tailor our programs to their specific needs and abilities.

Our People

Kimberley Mills
Founder/Executive Director

Other Details