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, Ontario
M9A 0E1
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Bijal Patwa likes to constantly redefine the role of design in order to create stepping stones that lead to bringing required change. In addition to designing objects, she enjoys designing the effect that these objects have on people, their behaviour and their surroundings. She masters in subjects of social psychology, ecological impacts of everyday objects, behaviour modification, sustainability, interactions between subjects and objects, etc. She is the author of AURA and designer of more than 50 products successful in international markets. She has 6.8 years of experience working as an industrial, packaging and retail designer in United States and India under the sectors of health tech, smart devices, connected products, house-ware, lifestyle and sports. She is a professional member of Chartered Designers of India (CDI- 000049) and various other associations such as ADI, IDSA, etc.

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