Lee, Bryan

About Me

My name is Lee Seung Ho but my preferred name is Bryan Lee and I am currently living in Toronto attending the Ontario College of Art and Design University in first year Industrial Design. I am 18 years old and I graduated from Thornhill Secondary School in 2019 and went straight into university to start my career path of Industrial Design. At a young age, I always enjoyed playing basketball and appreciated basketball shoes the most which was what sparked my interest in Industrial Design. As I exlplored ideas in shoe designing, I also delved into the design field itself by taking interest in architecture, interior designs, character designs, and all the other design categories. I have genuine interest in product designing and chose to work in this field for the remainder of my life. Today, I am close to finishing my second semester in first year and am looking for design related work to keep myself busy during the summer break. However challenging the tasks at hand may be, I always tackle the assignment with genuine interest and effort.