LuPe Leather

142 Union Street
P.O. Box 624
Berwick, NS
B0P 1E0



About Us

LuPe Leather is a husband and wife team working out of their quaint leather studio in Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Peter was a professional knifemaker for 36 years, a shoulder injury pushed him to the leather side of the business and he hasn't looked back.

Luci has a creative mind as well, she is a visionary in creative design. Together, the first 2 letters of their first names make LuPe.

They are focusing on old world skills while adapting new technology into the mix. They will be making some traditional items and developing new and exciting products as well. The Shutterbug-Quickdraw is a good example of an exciting new spin on a camera holster for the professional photographer carrying heavy kit.

Other Details