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Raising money for the charities and causes you care about is now easier than ever.

Just download the Many Seeds app, pick your favorite charities and watch as little as one 15-second ad per day. You'll be a part of the most innovative and fastest growing fundraising movement today.


Viewers come to you!

No more interupting to share your message! Supporters watch your ads by choice!

Your Brand x Great Causes

With Many Seeds every ad view directs money to charities chosen individually by the supporter viewing them creating a lasting, positive impression unlike any other advertising platform.

Unskippable attention!

Unlike other platforms, supporters watch all of your 15 second ad to direct money to their favorite not-for-profits. No skipping or changing the channel.


Brand new revenue source!

Many Seeds is a brand new way to raise money that's easy and accessible for everyone.

Peace of mind!

Many Seeds gives you consistent, predictable revenue, deposited every month.

Zero cost!

Just use your existing communications channels to your supporters and include our logo in your promotional materials to let supporters know they can find you on Many Seeds!


Quick, easy and a real impact!

Just download the app and get the good feeling every day of supporting the causes you care about! See how it works in 30 seconds at www.many-seeds.com.

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