About Us

Bark! Branding

...for the Under Dogs

For years large businesses have used expensive creative agencies and huge advertising budgets to pull focus from entrepreneurs like you.

As an underdog it’s time you had an agency that understands small business. 

Times have changed, customers and consumers are now seeking small passionate entrepreneurs, artisans, and their neighbors to provide the products and services that used to fuel the profits of the
Fat Cats of big industry.

Bark! Branding is a new Marketing and Creative Agency. We are focused on entrepreneurs. Helping you grow your audience to engage the right people without barking up the wrong tree!

Special Offer

Sniff Audit

An external audit of your brand by our branding experts. Includes a report of what your external image is with 3-5 recommendations to boost your audience engagement.

Our People

Mike Eybel
Top Dog and Brand Consultant