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About Me

Tim has led Ove Industrial Design in Toronto for three decades, always with a focus on user-centred design. Ove's 'See Through - Break Through - Follow Through' process allows clients large and small to identify consumer needs, offer innovative solutions and provide detailed manufacturing specifications. A Past-President of ACIDO and Past-Chair of the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC.on.ca), Tim is currently ACIDO's Director of Standards.

Recent Portfolio:

This collage features twelve recent Ove projects managed and design-directed by Tim for Allanson, Alutron, D&R Electronics, Canplas, Encelium, NL Technologies, IPEX, Envisacor, Octane Biologix and Nelson Industrial. There's also a short stack of some of our See Through design research reports that have informed many of our clients' design strategies. For more information please visit oveid.com.

Older Portfolio:

This collage features twelve older Ove projects managed and design-directed by Tim for Canadian Airlines, Armstrong Pumps, Microslate, Vasogen, NL Technologies, Jupiter, Compar, IPEX, Pinnacle, IBM, Waverley Glen and Octane Biologix.

Ancient Portfolio:

In the early years of his career Tim worked in Milan, Montreal and Toronto designing products for clients such as Voxon Italia, C.I.L, Aptech Engineering, Pioneer Electronics, International Verifact, Motorola, Sterivision, Tucker Plastics, Daoust Sporting Goods and Indesit Italia.

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