Dr. Lukas Arenson

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BGC Engineering Inc.
Suite 500 - 980 Howe Street
, British Columbia
V6Z 0C8
(604) 684-5900 Ext 41116
(604) 684-5909

About Me

Lukas Arenson, P.Eng. is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with BGC Engineering Inc. andspecific expertise in frozen soil mechanics, periglacial risk assessments andgeothermal modelling. He has worked on infrastructure and mining projects inArctic and mountain permafrost, and on the stability of frozen slopes in the CanadianRockies, European Alps, Asia and the dry South American Andes. He has beeninvolved in consulting and research work related to preventing permafrostdegradation, re-establishing pre-construction thermal regimes afterconstructions, accelerating the consolidation of mine waste tailings and coldclimate heap leaching.  He has alsostudied effects of climate change on northern infrastructure as part of variousprojects including climate change vulnerability assessments.

Lukas has pubished in the fields of frozensoil mechanics, permafrost engineering and glaciology, is Associate Editor ofPermafrost and Periglacial Processes, Editorial Board Member of the CanadianGeotechnical Journal and Frontiers in Earth Sciences - Cryosphere. His research and consulting work has beenrecognized with the Roger J.E. Brown Memorial Award for outstandingcontributions to permafrost science and engineering in 2010. Lukas is also an AdjunctProfessor at the University of Manitoba.