Fleurish Floral Designs

3191 Petawawa Blvd
Petawawa, ON
K8H 1X9



About Us

Fleurish is an earth-conscious natural floral boutique in Petawawa, serving Renfrew County and
Area, who artfully and lovingly delivers grand symbols of the meaning behind the message. 
It’s way more than flowers to us.
And to you.
Every time a customer enters our boutique or orders online, they come with an intention. They
want to symbolize a message with a great deal of meaning for someone they care about.
At Fleurish, we take great pride to ensure that your experience honours this intention and is
translated artfully to your loved one, leaving no confusion as to how you feel about them.
Flowers are the vehicle to striking a feeling that truly matters to all involved.
Our whimsical, eco-conscious designs and approach delivers delightful arrangements that are
sure to communicate your thoughtful message. We spark joy and fully symbolize the feeling
behind the intention by elevating the product to match your big heart, helping to truly
represent the meaning and the relationship.

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