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Hamden, NY



About Us

Health looks different on each of us.  There are MANY unseen factors.  Taking actions to support our health is a decision we make one day at a time.  We practice, we don't perfect.  Sláinte (SLAHN-shah) means "health" in Gaelic.  Being alive and having health is to be celebrated, always!  In the vastness of spacetime, you have a body to live in for a short while, AND you have the power to think and move... it's pretty amazing, right?!  It is also pretty kooky that a bunch of weird little exercises invented by a guy named Joe can change the way we connect to our brains and our bodies...

Practicing Pilates is an unending source of fantastic torture, joy, and healing.  It is a cumulative practice, meaning: the more you learn, the more challenging it becomes. You will cultivate Strength, Stamina, Stability, and Mobility by performing a well-planned selection of exercises.  This of course comes standard with results such as: great posture, flexibility, strength, better breathing, and -most famously- a strong sense of center strength, known as your "Powerhouse" in Pilates lingo.  

When facing an injury or chronic pain, your Pilates Practice adjusts.  We take mindful care to safely explore what DOES function: what CAN move without pain, and then we build from there.  In a therapeutic approach to our Pilates Practice,  we learn how to alleviate pain through mindful movement.  We modify the same methods that we use when we're feeling our best.  This Practice is designed to meet you exactly where you are.  

My mission is to fortify you with a well-informed Pilates Practice for your life and for all that comes down that river.  All you need is willingness, a mat, and an internet connection.  If you have access to apparatus, great!  If you don't, great!  I will teach you how to teach yourself, and how to learn from the exercises.  Stay tuned for the fully equipped studio coming soon to the Great Western Catskills!  More on that later...  

See you on the Mat!  

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