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About Me

With over 30 years of industrial design practice, Jay Sobel shares a diversity of collaborative and leadership experiences championing end-user needs, defining product functionality, and creating an appropriate  "look and feel" across product platforms in the telecommunications, defense, healthcare, pet care and sporting goods industries. Ventures in these fields have led to the development of a bevy of meaningful products and a portfolio of 27 patents and 33 awards including prestigious Gold (2001) and Silver (1997 & 1991) Industrial Design Excellence Awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week Magazine.
Jay has contributed significantly to the production of meaningful environments and the manufacture of compelling products that have helped peoples across the globe:

1) Live Safely and Securely:
  • Personal Protective Equipment for First Responders, Police Officers and the Armed Forces;
2) Communicate Efficiently:
  • Telecommunications Network Infrastructure Equipment deployed in the “Central Office”, “Customer Premises” and “Outside Plant” Environments;
3) Play Effectively:
  • Lacrosse Equipment and Playground Structures for Disabled Children;

4) Enjoy an Improved Quality of Life:
  • Hospital Room Furniture, Hospital Environments, Office Environments, Outdoor Environments, Medical Products, Industrial Products, and Pet Care Products.
His passions include: Industrial Design; All things Lacrosse as a Competitive Field Lacrosse Player, Box Lacrosse Player, and Nationally Certified Box Lacrosse Coach; Breeding and Raising Award Winning Dogs (Miniature Schnauzers and Brittanys); and Education. An alumnus of both the University of Toronto (8T2 Human Biology) and Carleton University's School of Industrial Design (8C8 "With Distinction"), Jay has taught "Human Factors", "Sketching and Drawing Fundamentals", "Professional Practices", and "Product Design Studio" as a Part-time Faculty Member at Sheridan College in Oakville and Centennial College in Toronto; as well as Grade 12 Visual Arts for Ontario International College. Jay was fully accredited as a Professional Member of ACIDO in 2002.

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