Del Duke Insurance Group, LLC

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About Us

Our mission is to protect what you have and help you reduce or avoid loss to your livelihood and assets. We handle your insurance needs with mutual  trust and respect. We partner our extensive claims experience with our uncompromising standards for ethically and socially responsible advice.

We carefully select the insurance companies we use, ensuring that they respond to our clientele in their time of need and are contributing value. Our legacy is a premier agency in our community, a third-generation family owned business serving the region since 1934 that many individuals and businesses continue to turn to and align with over the years.

The peace of mind we provide is supreme. It's like having "Sleep Insurance"!

Our People

Kevin Martin
Agent & Broker
Phone: (856) 424-7960 Ext 104
Amy-Lisa Weiss
Agent & Broker
Monica Pisano
Agent & Broker

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