Trish Winners

PO Box 80614

About Me

I'm a screenwriter. Since my early days "directing" dramas, with spin-offs, on the playground in third grade, I've always had some story cooking in my head and sometimes making it to paper. I especially love writing character-driven action-adventure. 

My action-adventure feature script G4M3R_H34V3N drew heavily on my time living in the middle east as a child and a teen. It was recommended to the head of story at WME Entertainment, Adam Novak, by then-Screenwriting Chairman at UCLA Richard Walter. I have also written and produced a couple of short-short industrial films which won first place in their respective contests. I'm currently writing feature-length supernatural thrillers for a filmmaker in Washington, and independently developing a dramatic serial TV pilot.

I divide my time between my long-time home in Fairbanks, Alaska, and that of friends and family in California and Washington, and anywhere else I can have an adventure. I have four witty adult children and am married to Scott, the superhero Chef-Nurse-Craftsman.

Other Details