Township of West Lincoln

318 Canborough St., Smithville, ON

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On January 1st, 1970 the Township of West Lincoln was incorporated as a local Municipality within the Regional Municipality of Niagara. The Township is an amalgamation of the former Townships of South Grimsby, Caistor, and Gainsborough. Smithville is the largest urban center of the Township and is the principle area of growth in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Grassie, St. Anns, Wellandport and Caistorville are hamlet communities while Abingdon, Bismark, Winslow, Fulton, Silverdale, Caistor Centre, Warner, Grimsby Centre, Boyle, and Attercliffe are considered rural clusters. Both these designations encourage and accommodate some residential and commercial development to serve the surrounding area., , West Lincoln is comprised of agricultural land, industrial and commercial sectors as well as areas for rural and urban living. Established industry, cultural diversity, a rich historical background, and a variety of recreational activities offer an excellent quality of life and provide a small town feel for West Lincoln residents., , Ideally situated in the Golden Horseshoe, West Lincoln is serviced by well-maintained automotive routes and rail transportation. Air transportation is available at local airports in Hamilton and St. Catharines, with major airports in Buffalo and Toronto. The Queen Elizabeth Highway, Ontario?s major four lane transportation corridor, is a mere ten minutes away providing easy access to many major cities. Proximity to Toronto and Buffalo makes West Lincoln a good choice for residential living and commercial or industrial ventures., , West Lincoln is a progressive municipality behind its facade of agricultural nature. Choice business and industrial sites are available with full services and very competitive rates. Peaceful family living with good schools, churches, excellent sports and recreational facilities, and cultural activities are all provided in the most picturesque natural setting.

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Jacquie Thrower
Confidential Secretary
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Joanne Scime
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