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About Us

    Even under the best of circumstances, travel is stressful for Horses. But    you can make the journey with peace of mind knowing that USRider ® is there    for you no matter the road leads you.

    Gold Medal Service   
    The USRider Roadside Assistance team includes more than 100,000 dedicated    service professionals throughout the United States and Canada. You will get    fast, efficient service 24/7 from specially trained USRider Member Care    Specialists.

    A Leg Up On The Competition   
    The USRider Roadside Assistance Plan is truly in a class by itself. For an    annual fee comparable to that of typical motor plans, you will enjoy    exclusive services created specifically for equestrians

            Your roadside assistance benefits are in full force even when you are        not traveling with your Horses. No matter what vehicle you are        traveling in - even if you are not driving...