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24 E Main Street #5021
, NJ

About Us

After 40 years as a Funeral Director, I have learned relationship is key. We all want to feel a part of something bigger. This is especially true at the time of grieving. We want to feel like we belong.
Now there is a way to identify the family at funerals.
1- To the Funeral Director, who made arrangements with only 2 family members; now all of those included in the obituary are plain to see.
2- To the funeral home staff. They can readily see whom the funeral home is serving and can offer an extra measure of compassion.
3- To the public. The experience of visiting the funeral home is more comfortable, knowing 'who' to pay respects to.

And the family gets a keepsake, handsome enough for a gentleman, lovely for a lady. This oak leaf pin can be worn whenever they want their loved one present. For many it will be worn every day. Others will bring it out on Thanksgiving, the high school graduation or family wedding.
It is our hope this pin would become as recognizable as the pink ribbon, allowing us to identify it and say, "I love your pin. Who is it?", offering the opportunity for the wearer to say the name of the one they love. Saying their name and sharing the love, is how we keep their memory alive in the hearts of those around us.
Oaktags... Remembering the one who fell from the family tree.

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