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About Us

My name is Frederick Neal, and I am a ACE Certified Health Coach and
Personal Trainer, Sports & Nutrition Specialist, Orthopedic Exercise |
Functional Movement Specialist and 6th Degree Black Belt Master
Instructor of Traditional Martial Arts. I am founder and president of Newbody
Training Systems LLC. located at 474 Prospect Ave West Orange NJ.    


I bring together Eastern and Western philosophies, theories, and
practices, combining concepts of holistic alternative methods. Bringing this
unique philosophy to the masses through one on one and group lessons, corporate
seminars, newspaper, magazine articles and television interviews is my life’s

Special Offer

Movement Integration


Every step you take and every breath you make requires full integration of the body. As we age, we lose connectivity with our body within the kinetic chain, - the interrelated groups of body segments, connection joints, and muscles working together to perform movements - this means that you must reset or re-establish the lost connections. Most often these present as deviations in movement at a joint or at 2 joints. Also, most often it is not possible to identify the deviation within our own body until it presents as pain.


As an “ACE Functional Movement Specialist” part of my job is to help you identify - lost integration – within the body’s movement structures, address deviations with corrective exercise to re-established connectivity. Muscle and structural deviations can occur at any age but can be a real source of pain and discomfort.


Corrections improve over time with continued corrective exercise and only require as little as 1 to 3 visits to get you back on track to doing the things you love doing.

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