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"We know that customer experience is paramount to the success of a brand. That’s why we are focused on building robust engagement solutions to help agencies build trust for their clients in an authentic and real-time way."?

Kleurvision Inc. is a fresh identity and digital marketing powerhouse specializing in brand communications, website development, relationship building, and artwork generation with emphasis on connecting brands to consumers through social interaction. Since the spring of two-thousand and four, Kleurvision Inc. has established the branding momentum for a number of clients, helping these organizations send clear and distinct messages and build a strong foundation of corporate identity, trust and market presence. At Kleurvision Inc. we pride ourselves on being not only a graphic design firm, but also being able to provide the strategic communication skills necessary to standout in today’s cluttered advertising battlefield.

Our involvement in the roll out of your project can be as minimal or as comprehensive as required. We deliver clear and detailed solutions and will continue to provide ongoing support as determined by your needs.

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Patrick Lyver

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