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About Us

Welcome to Delta Energy Solutions - Energy saving solutions that save you money.

All of our products and services have one goal in mind - to achieve the biggest energy and cost savings for our clients. As Ontario's hydro rates continue to rise there's no better time to start finding efficiencies and cutting your consumption.  We provide the following products and services to point you in the right direction:
  • LED lighting - 70-90% energy savings for lighting in industrial, commercial, agricultural & residential settings. LED fixtures and light bulbs for any application. Save on Energy rebate application services that cover up to 50% of your project costs for businesses.  Supply and installations services.
  • Solar systems - solar microFIT, solar net metering, solar panels, inverters, racking systems, application and installation services.
  • Electric Vehicle EV charging stations, EVSE - Commercial & residential EV chargers and installation services - take part in building the growing electric vehicle infrastructure.
  • Save on Energy For Business rebate application services - There are several incentives available for Ontario businesses to cut your hydro consumption.  We can support you with initial site assessments, processing applications, IESO programs and we are a local hydro distribution company (LDC) applicant representative and channel partner. 
  • Project management and installation services - For any aspect of your project we can support you on the supply and installation side.

Please browse our site to see the products and services we have at our disposal.  We look forward to discussing your project with you.

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