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Apex Aesthetics
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About Us

Manitoba’s Destination Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Luxuriate in the experience of world-class practitioners and facilities with the personal touch of an upscale boutique.

Relax into the hands of our highly trained practitioners and industry-leading equipment as your personal aesthetic goals become reality.

Nestled inside the tranquil community of Southport, Manitoba, Apex Aesthetics invites you to step inside another world
A world where not only is your custom-tailored treatment plan woven from the most advanced anti-aging and cosmetic technologies and treatments, but also where the 24-karat experience itself supports your vitality and rejuvenation.

We offer:

Non-Sugical Remodeling

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Correction


Laser Hair Removal 

Womens Health and Rejuvenation

Medical Grade Skincare

Mineral Makeup

We begin our relationship together with a complimentary consultation, initiating a process of combining your aesthetic goals with the capabilities of our world-class treatments, practitioners, and technologies.

In your first consultation appointment, we get clear on your goals and co-create a treatment plan based on our expertise and your desired results. We’ll discuss the possibilities and recommendations for revitalization, sculpting, restoration, and more, as well as answer all your questions and discuss any concerns.

When you arrive for your first treatment, you’ll feel clear, relaxed, and excited to see and feel your results.

Our People

Rhonda McCallister
Facility Director