T Joe Coddington

2658 Bonniebrook

About Me

I make my living working behing the scenes in entertainment. I do lighting and writing.
I started out working for a mega-church in the St Louis area. I then moved to Branson Missouri.
I have toured the country with Contemporary Christian Bands.
I travel and set up National Conferences and Events. Many are televised.
On live event I worked on, I asked about who wrote the skits. I was given test and assinments to write skits. They came to me often for scripts after that.

I consider my style to be similar to C.S. Lewis fantasy fiction.

Writer for Family Wise Skits
Act One - writing for film and television Alumni
Act One - TV track alumni
Act One - Script Development from the producer's perspective

My screenplays have placed in the following:
Kairos Prize for spiritually uplifting Screenplays - Semi Finalist (Formal Title called "EMOTIBOTS")
Script Writer's Network - High Concept Screenplay contest - Finalist
Beverly Hills Film Festival - Two seperate "Official Selections"
Los Angeles Screenplay Competition - Semi Finalist
Act One Screenplay Competition - Semi Finalist

Other Details