Adams, Gregg

About Me

Dr. Adams received his Veterinary degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1982 and began his career in private practice. While studying at the University of Wisconsin, he became a boarded member of the American College of Theriogenologists and earned a PhD in reproductive physiology/endocrinology. Dr. Adams joined the University of Saskatchewan in 1991 and has pioneered the One Health movement with colleagues across campus to develop an innovative reproductive research program. He has garnered over $25 million in research grant funding, published over 200 scientific papers, and has supervised over 40 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. He is recognized internationally for his work on ovarian function and has published classic studies of ovarian follicle development, ovulation and fertility in both terrestrial and marine mammal species. He has won numerous research and mentorship awards, and most recently he received the University of Saskatchewan Distinguished Alumni Award and was inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. His current research focuses on ovulation-inducing factors in seminal plasma, ovarian synchronization and oocyte competence, and preservation of Canada's threatened wood bison. Adams team recently celebrated the birth of the world's first bison babies from IVF and frozen embryos, paving the way for species recovery.

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