About Us

H&C Inc. is a Niagara-based industry-leading strategic marketing agency focused on developing and executing a growth-based, data-driven strategy for all of our clients. Our team includes passionate and professional individuals who apply creative, visual, and strategic elements to every facet of your strategy until it all comes together in a stunning and effective package. We implement full-scale marketing initiatives, from responsive website design to intelligent sales pipelines, to make sure that your brand is nurtured and your profits increase. We provide all of the tools necessary to design unique solutions tailored to your business, and we are an exclusive HubSpot partner. Our extensive client family includes businesses from a variety of industries, with the experience to make a real difference on your bottom line. Ultimately, we do more than just help you reach your goals: we change the way you do business. Connect with H&C Inc. now to work with a team that will be champions for your brand.

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