Triquetra Consignment Clothing

104 Mill Street
Berwick, QC
B0P 1E0



About Us

Our clothing consignment business model is desiged to be "a business OF the community, FOR the community".  We offer people the opportunity to make a few additional dollars by selling their clothes (in a safe and secure store-front as opposed to the hassle of online) to the people who appreciate additional clothing purchase options, while everyone understands how this helps out fellow community members overall..... this is where the "Triquetra" relationship comes in!

Triquetra(pronounced try-keh-tra), also known as the Trinity Knot symbol. It has representedmany things over the last 5000 years, but it best reflects the relationship thisshop is trying to foster within the community: A three-fold relationship between seller, shopper and shop owner where….. 

  • ·       The seller makes some money on their usedclothing.
  • ·       The shopper has affordable clothing optionsavailable.
  • ·       The shop owner operates a viable business in thecommunity.

In addition, the symbol represents the cycleof “life, death and rebirth”, in this case of our consumer-driven clothing industry, and the hopeis to provide opportunities for “new life” for our used clothing!.

Our People

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