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About Me

Since moving to Los Angeles, Tori has acted in many indie films, shorts, and pilots. Tori, is a very emotive actor, shines with dramatic roles as well as comedic. She has 2 best actress nominations for her work in ‘Love Always’. She has done voice overs: most notably for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Tori has stage/film combat training, green screen experience and is a mezzo soprano. With her ability to cry on cue, Tori enjoys the challenge of emotional roles. 

As a child growing up, Tori acted in community theater and continued through college where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota 

Following graduation Tori was recruited to Seattle by a prestigious firm and delved into the world of high-end residential architecture. During her time in Seattle, she studied with Groundlings Theater founder, Gary Austin, as well as Warren Robertson and John Jacobsen. Tori held lead roles at the Theater of Puget Sound, Richard Hugo House, and in independent feature films. She received praise for her leading role in ‘No Middle Ground’, where she played Meg, who was schizophrenic from childhood sexual abuse. 

Currently she is training with Chris Game, Scott David, Elizabeth Gamza.  Tori has also studied with Ivana Chubuck Studio and Glenn Haines. 

Tori plays tennis, skis, hikes, and enjoys rollerblading, and ice skating.  She’s a wiz at AutoCAD for architecture, loves to travel, is a wine and food enthusiast and spends a lot of time with her adopted shelter dog Sophie. 

Tori is stepping into the world of producing and is excited about her new human-interest short film, which sheds light on the Rohingya crisis.  She’s producing a TV series proof of concept.

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