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About Us

Grant Fetter and the Grant Fetter Homes Team are excited to join you on your journey through the home buying and selling process.   Grant and team serve their clients with a welcoming attitude, a client first mindset, and years of real estate and negotiation expertise.  We help our clients buy and sell homes all over Lake, McHenry Cook, Kane, and DuPage counties and offer a seamless team experience from start to finish!  


Working with a real estate agent offers numerous advantages to buyers and sellers. So why opt for a team, rather than an individual? In essence, because a team offers even more – more access, more specialization, and more flexibility.

When working with the Grant Fetter Homes Team, you can rest assured that, at every step of the way, you’ll have at least two experienced agents working with you. This means that, we’ll be available, you have someone to call on; even if one team member can’t pick up their phone or, say, make it to a showing, you can be sure that someone else will be there when you need guidance the most. You’d be amazed at how much difference this can make in your experience!

Speaking of guidance, working with a team puts you in a better position to buy or sell, because you’ll have access to a greater pool of knowledge than any one individual can provide on their own. When working as part of a team, different agents can specialize in different types of properties or different neighborhoods, allowing them to offer greater insight when it comes to your unique home situation.

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